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City of East Wenatchee's Highline Drive

City of East Wenatchee
Highline Drive
Featured June 11, 2020

City of East Wenatchee

Highline Drive

3rd St SE Intersection

The City of East Wenatchee's Highline Drive project was selected for funding in November 2018. TIB contributed $743,750 in funding toward the $905,377 total cost of the project.

The Highline Drive and 3rd St. SE intersection is an optimal location for an urban roundabout. The fairly balanced traffic in the southbound, eastbound, and westbound traffic create an ideal solution to manage the traffic. The existing intersection has ample space to construct the roundabout within existing right of way while still providing for freight and non-motorized traffic.

Preliminary traffic modeling indicates a roundabout will improve level of service now and can accommodate the planned retail and development growth over the next 20+ years.

Funding Partners

  • $743,750 from TIB's Urban Arterial Program (UAP)
  • $152,177 from the City of East Wenatchee
  • $9,450 from 4th Street Cottages Development

Project Benefits

  • Improves safety
  • Improves mobility
  • Optimizes traffic flow

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