TIB Training Opportunities


he Transportation Improvement Board provides local agencies with several opportunities for training. TIB funding program workshops are held in May and June each year to help agencies apply for grants. TIB Project Management Training, held on an as needed basis, teaches about how TIB administers grants once an agency receives one.

TIB Funding Program Workshops

The Transportation Improvement Board conducts funding workshops throughout the state each year in June for TIB's annual funding programs. TIB's funding workshops provide information about the various funding programs TIB administers, the scoring criteria for each program and the application process for TIB programs. These workshops are intended to increase the probability of a successful project application.

TIB schedules separate workshop sessions targeted for small cities (incorporated cities with a population of less than 5,000) and urban agencies (cities with a population above 5,000 and counties with urban unincorporated arterials).

Workshop Registration is currently closed

There are no Funding Workshops scheduled at this time. Workshops are usually scheduled for the month of June each calendar year.

More Information on the Application Process

For more information on the application process, see the Application Process section of our grant information page.

TIB Project Management Training

This introductory class to the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) will provide you with the essential knowledge you need to know about TIB. The course will provide you with a strong basis on TIB's mission and core values, help you understand the statutes which govern TIB's programs, and give you a general understanding of where TIB funds come from. The course will provide an overview of TIB's funding programs available to both Urban and Small City agencies.

We will walk through the management of your TIB project from selection to closeout and what is required from each phase. This course will help guide you through dealing with various project issues, such as delayed projects, scope changes, or change orders. The course will also provide you with basic information about TIB's online billing system, reimbursements, and progress billing.

Who should attend:

  • Agency personnel, engineers, or planners who have not worked with TIB in the past
  • Agencies who have recently received a TIB grant, but have not had an open project in the past 3 years
  • Agency staff who will be submitting for reimbursement
  • Engineers who assist agencies in managing their TIB project who have not assisted with a TIB project in the past 3 years
  • Anyone needing a refresher course on TIB and how to manage each phase your TIB project
Note: This is NOT a TIB funding workshop. This class will not discuss applications, the application process, or 2023 TIB funding.

Training Presentations

The Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) creates training presentations on a variety of subjects. As new presentations become available, they will be posted below. Note: These are NOT TIB funding workshop presentations.

Form Name Format Download Link
2023 Otta Seal Presentation .pptx