Arterial Preservation Program Eligibility Has Increased to $3B Assessed Value

April 20, 2022

12 new agencies are now eligible for the Arterial Preservation Program

At the March board meeting action was taken to increase the eligibility for the Arterial Preservation Program (APP) to $3 Billion Assessed Value, up from $2 Billion. The program has been offered for ten years at the $2 Billion level. But with inflation and a growing population, many cities had become ineligible. The legislature also gave TIB direction to emphasis preservation in the latest transportation budget, giving TIB $10 Million towards preservation for cities in the state of Washington. Because of these factors, the Board increased the eligibility to $3 Billion Assessed Value. To check local agency eligibility for all TIB programs, use the Program Funding Eligibility tool on the right hand side of our grants page. On the same page you can learn more about TIB's programs, including APP.

About TIB

The Transportation Improvement Board funds high priority transportation projects in communities throughout the state to enhance the movement of people, goods and services.