2021 Applications Are Now Being Evaluated.

August 24, 2021

284 projects requesting $234.4 Million were recieved from cities and counties throughout Washington State.

The Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) has received a total of 284 applications for projects, with $234.4 million in requested funds, from cities and counties throughout Washington State. Completed applications for the November 2021 project selection were postmarked or submitted online by Friday, August 13, 2021.

Application counts and requested TIB funds for each program are:

Program Applications Requested TIB Funds
Urban Arterial Program 75 $160.7 Million
Arterial Preservation Program 28 $13.4 Million
Urban Sidewalk Program 30 $10.5 Million
Small City Arterial Program 46 $27.2 Million
Small City Preservation Program 70 $12.6 Million
Small City Sidewalk Program 37 $10.0 Million
Total 284 $234.4 Million

TIB Staff will be evaluating and conducting site visits for each project over the next few months. Grant awards will be announced after the November 19, 2021 board meeting.

For more information on past funding programs, go to the Project Selection section of the TIB Dashboard.

For more information regarding the call for projects, contact your TIB Engineer.

About TIB

The Transportation Improvement Board funds high priority transportation projects in communities throughout the state to enhance the movement of people, goods and services.