TIB Projects and COVID-19

April 10, 2020

Impacts on staff, projects, and local agencies

TIB employees are currently working from home during the "Stay Home - Stay Healthy" order.

At this point, TIB is not cancelling or delaying any projects. TIB is considered a "pass through" agency and is not part of the Governor's state transportation or capital budget shutdowns.

Each agency is responsible to determine if their project is deemed necessary or not. If you know that your project is being delayed because of COVID-19, please reach out to your TIB engineer with an updated schedule.

Since TIB is funded mostly through the gas tax and people are driving less, this will result in a significant loss of revenue for the duration of the Stay Home order.

The 2020 supplemental budget redirected $4.8M of TIB revenue that was already programmed for projects.

The combined effects of this will not be fully known for a few months (at least), but will at a minimum result in a lower call for projects and may result in delaying projects.

About TIB

The Transportation Improvement Board funds high priority transportation projects in communities throughout the state to enhance the movement of people, goods and services.