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TIB Project Information

City of Airway Heights's 10th Avenue Extension


10th Avenue Extension

10th Ave terminus to Hayford Rd

FY 2022 Urban Arterial Program
Current Phase : Construction
Total TIB Funding : $2,467,406

County: Spokane   |   Legislative District: 6   |   Project Length: 0.54   |   TIB Engineer: Andrew Beagle   |   Last Payment Date: 12/14/2023

Project Information

Funding Year 2022
Program UAP
Current Phase Construction
Legislative District 6
Congressional District 5
Federal Route Number 3783
Project Length 0.54 mi.
ADT 10,935
Functional Class Collector
Type of Work New Location
Project Contact Kevin Anderson
Contact Email
TIB Engineer Andrew Beagle
Last Payment Date 12/14/2023
Cultural Resource Assessment CRA

Project Schedule

  Target Date Actual Date
Project Selection Date   11/20/2020
Delayed Project Date 07/01/2025  
DAHP Assessment Date   03/31/2023
Predesign Approval
Design Approval 10/01/2021 11/01/2021
Bid Auth. Approval 11/15/2023 11/01/2023
Construction Approval 11/30/2023 01/09/2024
Project Closeout 10/31/2024
Audit Date  
Withdrawn Date  

Project Funding

TIB Funds Project Costs
Environmental Study 0 0
Design Study 0 0
Total Predesign 0 0
Special Study 0 0
Design 229,116 414,473
Right of Way 56,980 42,326
Total Design 286,096 456,799
Construction Engineering 211,492 375,500
Construction Contract 1,969,818 2,714,000
Other Construction 0 253,125
Total Construction 2,181,310 3,342,625
Total TIB Funding 2,467,406 3,799,424

Local Funding Partners

Funding Amount Percent
AIRWAY HEIGHTS 478,400 12.6%
WSDOT Funding 0 0.0%
Kalispel Tribe  853,618 22.5%
Total Local Funding 1,332,018 35.2%

Project Description

The Cities of Airway Heights and Spokane have partnered with S3R3 Solutions to develop West Plains Connection (, the 6th/10th/12th Multimodal Corridor improvement project. This project would ultimately extent or improve roads for 3.65-miles north of U.S. 2 as to - Promote growth and job creation by providing improved access to developable properties. - Reduce congestion and improve safety by diverting local traffic from U.S. 2. - Work to maintain the expanding mission of the Fairchild through improved travel efficiencies. - Provide a commute and recreational active multimodal corridor for Airway Heights and Spokane. - Increase transit use through route diversity, added stops, and maintaining route schedules. - Improve emergency response times for by reducing congestion and increasing route choices. This grant is for Phase I extension from present 10th Avenue terminus to Hayford Road, allowing 2.5-miles of continuous, diverted travel from nearly Craig Road to Deer Heights Road. Phase I would improve access to residence and permitted commercial sites including North 40, Circle K, an Urgent Care, and corporate office complex (confidential, but with MOU with the Kalispel Tribe of Indians). Future phases would be developed to extend the corridor further within 5 to 10 years.

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Project Delays

Delay Type Resolution Date Comments

No delayed project history.

Project Payments