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Current Portfolio Data

Active Customer Agencies
Projects in Design
Projects in Construction
Delayed Projects
Remaining Grant Dollars
Total Account Balances
Average Payment Turnaround
7.4 days
Administrative Expense (March 2024)
% of Requested Funds Awarded (FY 2025)
Avg. Time to Complete - Urban
3.6 yrs.
Avg. Time to Complete - Small City
2.2 yrs.
Last Update: June 2024

Monthly Snapshots

Active Customer Agencies

Number of TIB Agencies with an Active Project

Projects in Design and Construction

Number of TIB Projects in Design & Construction Phases

Delayed Projects

Number of TIB Projects in Delay Status

Remaining Grant Dollars

Total Remaining Commitment for Active TIB Projects

Total Account Balances

Total Balances of All TIB Accounts

Average Payment Turnaround

Average Processing Time for TIB Project Payments (in Days)

Administrative Expense

Percentage of Monthly Expenses Due to Administrative Overhead

Percent of Requested Funds Awarded

Percentage of Requested Funds Awarded by Funding Cycle

Average Time to Complete - Urban and Small City

Average Project Life Cycle for Urban and Small City Programs (in Years)