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Future Bond Debt

Future Bond Debt

TIB's Future Bond Debt Payments by Biennium

Bond Debt Explanation

About the Future Bond Debt Chart


he Future Bond Debt chart shows the future bond debt repayment schedule for bonds that were sold from the Urban Arterial Trust Account 112 and the Transportation Improvement Account 144.   Bonds are sold in extreme situations to cover transportation projects that exceed TIB's normal ability to pay. Examples of this include urgent nature projects and projects that have unplanned cost increases.  

Significant Events

  • TIA Bond Sale - August 2006 — $7,283,367 worth of TIA Bonds were sold in August of 2006.
  • UATA Bond Sale - July 2009 — $8,001,801 worth of UATA Bonds were sold in July of 2009.