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TIB Project Information

City of Blaine's Boblett Street


Boblett Street

Yew Ave to Ludwick Ave

FY 2022 Urban Arterial Program
Current Phase : Design
Total TIB Funding : $1,161,862

County: Whatcom   |   Legislative District: 42   |   Project Length: 0.28   |   TIB Engineer: Chris Langhoff   |   Last Payment Date:

Project Information

Lead Agency BLAINE
Funding Year 2022
Program UAP
Current Phase Design
Legislative District 42
Congressional District 1
Federal Route Number 5635
Project Length 0.28 mi.
ADT 1,200
Functional Class Collector
Type of Work Major Widening
Project Contact Bernie Ziemianek
Contact Email
TIB Engineer Chris Langhoff
Last Payment Date

Project Schedule

  Target Date Actual Date
Project Selection Date   11/20/2020
Delayed Project Date 07/01/2025  
Predesign Approval
Design Approval 03/01/2021 02/24/2021
Bid Auth. Approval 05/31/2023
Construction Approval 06/30/2023
Project Closeout 12/31/2024
Audit Date  
Withdrawn Date  

Project Funding

TIB Funds Project Costs
Environmental Study 0 0
Design Study 0 0
Total Predesign 0 0
Special Study 0 0
Design 0 210,000
Right of Way 50,000 100,000
Total Design 50,000 310,000
Construction Engineering 100,000 200,000
Construction Contract 1,011,862 2,680,964
Other Construction 0 0
Total Construction 1,111,862 2,880,964
Total TIB Funding 1,161,862 3,190,964

Local Funding Partners

Funding Amount Percent
BLAINE 702,047 22.0%
WSDOT Funding 0 0.0%
Federal Funding  1,327,055 41.6%
Total Local Funding 2,029,102 63.6%

Project Description

The best solution to the queuing problem is access management, accomplished by changing the channelization to restrict turn movements and provide alternative modes for those movements. Accordingly, the project includes a left turn restriction, accomplished by a pork-chop island at Yew Avenue that will only allow for right-in and right-out turning movements. A roundabout will be constructed at the Boblett Court intersection, allowing traffic from Yew Avenue to turn around and que safely at SR543. In addition, access will be further restricted by narrowing and/or combining existing driveways. The current skew at the Yew Avenue intersection will be corrected, and the center median will be extended. The multipurpose 10-foot sidewalk West of SR543, constructed with TIB funds in 2016, will be extended on the north side, to the roundabout. These improvements will tie to the athletic trail system on Boblett Court to Pipeline, which is being constructed in 2020. In addition, bike lanes and sidewalk will be included as part of the project. A protected crosswalk will be included east of Yew Avenue that will provide a safe location for those crossing the truck route to access the businesses on both sides of the road. These improvements also complete a section of missing sidewalk and the corridor that connects the city center, international mall, manufacturing district and park/trail system.

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Project Delays

Delay Type Resolution Date Comments

No delayed project history.

Project Payments