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TIB Project Information

City of Arlington's 204th Street Roundabout


204th Street Roundabout

77th Ave NE

FY 2020 Urban Arterial Program
Current Phase : Audit
Total TIB Funding : $1,617,000

County: Snohomish   |   Legislative District: 39   |   Project Length: 0.10   |   TIB Engineer: Greg Armstrong   |   Last Payment Date: 06/28/2021

Project Information

Funding Year 2020
Program UAP
Current Phase Audit
Legislative District 39
Congressional District 2
Federal Route Number 2736
Project Length 0.10 mi.
ADT 8,081
Functional Class Minor
Type of Work Safety
Project Contact James Kelly
Contact Email
TIB Engineer Greg Armstrong
Last Payment Date 06/28/2021
Cultural Resource Assessment CRA

Project Schedule

  Target Date Actual Date
Project Selection Date   11/16/2018
Delayed Project Date 07/01/2023  
DAHP Assessment Date  
Predesign Approval
Design Approval 02/04/2019 02/04/2019
Bid Auth. Approval 05/07/2020 04/24/2020
Construction Approval 05/21/2020 05/28/2020
Project Closeout 06/15/2021 06/14/2021
Audit Date   06/28/2021
Withdrawn Date  

Project Funding

TIB Funds Project Costs
Environmental Study 0 0
Design Study 0 0
Total Predesign 0 0
Special Study 0 0
Design 153,720 254,806
Right of Way 170,073 311,634
Total Design 323,793 566,440
Construction Engineering 158,953 305,409
Construction Contract 1,134,254 2,623,799
Other Construction 0 117,372
Total Construction 1,293,207 3,046,580
Total TIB Funding 1,617,000 3,613,020

Local Funding Partners

Funding Amount Percent
ARLINGTON 1,014,231 28.1%
WSDOT Funding 0 0.0%
Water Utility  259,937 7.2%
Storm Utility  406,852 11.3%
Snohomish County  315,000 8.7%
Total Local Funding 1,996,020 55.3%

Project Description

'The proposed solution to the problem at this intersection would be to design and construct intersection improvements that will allow for the safe movement of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians while also accommodating transit stops. The only solution that meets all of these goals is the installation of a roundabout. The City evaluated installing a 4-way stop controlled intersection but the control would cause east bound traffic to back-up into SR-9.Arlington evaluated options for this intersection with a traffic consultant, a copy of the planning level roundabout design is included with this grant application (Att #2). With this design, vehicles will be slowed by the roundabout configuration and allow for the safe movement from all four legs of the intersection. Pedestrian facilities will be on all four corners and connect to existing sidewalks. Crosswalks will be installed on all intersection legs and include safe refuge islands at all crosswalk midpoints. The intersection improvement will expand the existing NW and SE corner bus stops.This grant request is to fund the design, ROW procurement, and construction of a roundabout at the 204th St and 77th Ave intersection. The community is in full support of a safer intersection

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Project Delays

Delay Type Resolution Date Comments

No delayed project history.

Project Payments