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TIB Project Information

City of Cashmere's Sunset Highway


Sunset Highway

City Limits to Mill Site

FY 2023 Small City Arterial Program
Current Phase : Bid Authorization
Total TIB Funding : $125,000

County: Chelan   |   Legislative District: 12   |   Project Length: 0.23   |   TIB Engineer: Andrew Beagle   |   Last Payment Date:

Project Information

Lead Agency CASHMERE
Funding Year 2023
Program SCAP
Current Phase Bid Authorization
Legislative District 12
Congressional District 8
Federal Route Number A040
Project Length 0.23 mi.
ADT 3,060
Functional Class Collector
Type of Work Major Widening
Project Contact Steve Croci
Contact Email
TIB Engineer Andrew Beagle
Last Payment Date

Project Schedule

  Target Date Actual Date
Project Selection Date   11/19/2021
Delayed Project Date 07/01/2024  
Predesign Approval
Design Approval 02/01/2022 02/17/2022
Bid Auth. Approval 02/20/2023 01/31/2023
Construction Approval 03/30/2023
Project Closeout 12/30/2023
Audit Date  
Withdrawn Date  

Project Funding

TIB Funds Project Costs
Environmental Study 0 0
Design Study 0 0
Total Predesign 0 0
Special Study 0 0
Design 0 188,211
Right of Way 0 35,000
Total Design 0 223,211
Construction Engineering 14,381 122,337
Construction Contract 110,619 941,055
Other Construction 0 0
Total Construction 125,000 1,063,392
Total TIB Funding 125,000 1,286,603

Local Funding Partners

Funding Amount Percent
CASHMERE 241,769 18.8%
WSDOT Funding 0 0.0%
Chelan Douglas Transportation Council  919,834 71.5%
Total Local Funding 1,161,603 90.3%

Project Description

The project reconstructs the unimproved section of Sunset Highway within the City limits with resurfacing the travel lanes and the addition of bike lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalk, illumination, planter strips and storm water management. Plantings and the Colonial style light fixtures will greatly improve the aesthetic appeal when arriving in Cashmere. Chelan County will be doing similar work from the City limits to the new West Cashmere Bridge. The City and County are working together to design and construct as one joint project to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize construction impacts to local business and residences. Chelan County has secured most of their funding. The City is funding preliminary engineering and the right of way phases to ensure the 2023 construction timeline is met. Cashmere is seeking funding for the construction phase.

Project Pictures

Project Delays

Delay Type Resolution Date Comments

No delayed project history.

Project Payments