Summary of current and past funding programs.
TIB's Annual Call for Projects
TIB typically issues a call for projects each June for the next year's funding program. The most recent call for projects, for award in November 2014, opened on June 2, 2014 with TIB funding workshops and webinars held at various locations across the state. Project selections will be announced at the November 2014 TIB meeting.
For more information about registering for a workshop, visit the TIB Training page.
  2014 Call for Projects — Anticipated Program Sizes  
  Urban Arterial Program $75.0 M  
  Small City Arterial Program $12.0 M  
  Urban Sidewalk Program $5.0 M  
  Small City Sidewalk Program $3.0 M  
  Arterial Perservation Program $X.X M  
  Small City Preservation Program $X.X M  
  2014 Call for Projects — Schedule  
  Preliminary program call size presented to board May 29-30, 2014  
  Applications posted online June 2, 2014  
  Funding Workshops June 3-16, 2014  
  Deadline for applications to be postmarked August 22, 2014  
  Application Evaluation and Field Reviews Sept. - Oct. 2014  
  Final call size/project list presented to board November 20-21, 2014  
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For more information on applying for TIB funding, see our page on How to Apply for a TIB Grant.
FY 2015 Project Selections (Selected November 2013) Download List of Projects
At the November 22, 2013 Board meeting in Bellevue, the Transportation Improvement Board selected projects for the FY 2015 funding cycle.
A summary of the projects funded is below.  For more details, view the new project selections on the TIB Performance Management Dashboard.

  Program Total Funding Projects Selected Applications Total Requested Total Project Costs  
  UAP 83,636,620 37 107 252,981,382 503,323,683  
  SP 4,923,803 15 58 18,473,129 31,978,449  
  APP 6,987,179 21 46 13,694,669 19,285,155  
  SCAP 10,310,789 16 48 27,731,206 32,613,204  
  SCSP 2,939,894 14 46 9,916,003 10,471,998  
  SCPP 2,592,452 20 115 13,664,711 14,631,556  
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