Summary of current and past funding programs.
TIB's Annual Call for Projects
TIB typically issues a call for projects each June for the next year's funding program. The most recent call for projects, for award in November 2016, opened on June 1, 2016 with TIB funding workshops and webinars held at various locations across the state. Project selections will be announced at the November 2016 TIB meeting.
For more information about registering for a workshop, visit the TIB Training page.
FY 2018 Project Selections (Selected November 2016) Download List of Projects
At the November 18, 2016 Board meeting in Bothell, the Transportation Improvement Board selected projects for the FY 2018 funding cycle.
A summary of the projects funded is below.  For more details, view the new project selections on the TIB Performance Management Dashboard.

  Program Total Funding Projects Selected Applications Total Requested Total Project Costs  
  UAP 87,793,029 26 95 253,144,375 516,413,057  
  SP 5,475,501 17 50 18,301,111 34,244,223  
  APP 5,927,570 14 29 10,513,261 12,523,103  
  SCAP 15,348,598 22 61 37,903,461 43,545,156  
  SCSP 3,085,746 11 44 10,707,273 12,137,109  
  SCPP 3,538,116 25 87 14,882,967 15,748,781  
Download a list of selected projects for previous funding programs:    Download
View chart of Requested TIB Funds vs. Funding Program Size. 
View chart of Historic Program Sizes.