An overview of the Urban Arterial Program.
At the March 2013 board meeting, the Transportation Improvement Board adopted new criteria to evaluate grant applications for urban agency construction projects. Criteria were redeveloped to make a stronger connection to statewide transportation priorities and with the intent of giving agencies clearer guidelines for competitive projects.

Previously, TIB operated two grant programs for urban agency construction projects: Urban Arterial Program (UAP); and Urban Corridor Program (UCP). In order to score well in either program, projects generally needed to meet a combination of factors, such as poor street condition and safety concerns. The effect of averaging scores sometimes meant that the top projects in a single area (like safety or growth & development) were not selected.

With the new criteria, a successful arterial project must score well in one of four areas called "bands." These bands are:
  • Safety
  • Growth & development
  • Physical condition
  • Mobility

Additionally, all projects will be rated in Sustainability and Constructability categories.

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Program Specific Information
The Urban Arterial Program funds projects in the areas of Safety, Growth and Development, Mobility, and Physical Condition. A maximum of 65 points may be achieved in any one band; the remaining 35 points come from both Sustainability and Constructability criteria.

Additionally program information includes:
  • Eligible agencies are counties with urban unincorporated areas and cities with a population of 5,000 or greater
  • Eligible projects must be on a federally classified route (principal, minor, collector)
  • Projects must be consistent with state, regional and local transportation plans
  • The local match requirement is determined by the city's valuation, or in the case of counties, by its road levy valuation
    (Minimum local match ranges from 10 to 20 percent)
  • Funds are distributed across five regions based on arterial lane miles and population
  • Download the Current Funding Criteria for the Urban Arterial Program.
    Download the UAP New Criteria Q&A.