An overview of the Arterial Preservation Program.
During the 2012 Legislative Session, funds from the Highway Safety Account were appropriated to TIB to address declining street condition in cities. TIB created the Arterial Preservation Program for medium sized cities in response.

Because the Legislature appropriates the Highway Safety Account funds biennially, these funds could be at-risk due to other state transportation budget pressures. Therefore, the APP will not be included in the June 2014 Call for Projects. Future programs are dependent upon budget appropriation.

The APP provides funding for overlay of federally classified arterial streets in cities with a population greater than 5,000 and assessed valuation less than $2 billion. Although the program offers critical preservation assistance, it is not enough to substitute for a city's street maintenance program. Therefore, the program is limited to overlay in an effort to defray high cost preservation projects, allowing cities to concentrate limited resources on lower cost preventative maintenance.

Rather than a regional distribution, funding is targeted for road maintenance opportunities across the state.

Continuation of this program is contingent upon future funding from the Legislature.
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Local match for TIB funding is based upon a city's assessed valuation (AV).  Cities with AV of less than $1 billion are required to match 10%; cities with AV between $1 billion and $2 billion are required to match 15%.

To determine the matching percentage required for your city, select from the list below: