An overview of the Small City Preservation Program.

During the 2005 Legislative Session, Substitute Senate Bill 5775 established the Small City Preservation Program. This program provides funding for chip seal and overlay of existing pavement and sidewalk maintenance in incorporated cities with populations less than 5,000.

Because program funds are transferred biennially, SCPP may not be offered every year. Check with your TIB engineer or attend a funding workshop to learn more about funding opportunities.

Funds are provided through the maintenance management program administered through TIB. Condition ratings, economies of scale, and assessed valuation of cities are all considerations in amount of funds provided.

This is a non-competitive program and funds are not distributed regionally, rather, funding is targeted for road maintenance opportunities across the state.

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In 2005, the state legislature found that it was in the state's best interest to support economic vitality in small cities.  The legislature recognized that the cities and towns with small populations are unable to fully maintain and preserve their street infrastructure system, but that there is also a need for the cities to contribute something to the work being done which will allow the city or town to take ownership of the project and help make it their own.  This could be in the form of in-kind services or donations of plants and other landscaping or beautification activities.

In order to be able to fund more projects around the state, the higher valued cities demonstrated an ability to contribute cash to the projects to assist with the project costs.  Therefore, a funding match based upon a city's assessed valuation was set at 10% for cities over $500 million and 5% for cities over $100 million.  No match is requested for valuations under $100 million.  In the event that WSDOT is the provider of the services, no matching funds are required, regardless of the city's assessed valuation.

To determine what matching percentage, if any, is required for your city based on the assessed valuations, select from the list below: