An overview of the Complete Streets Award.

The Complete Streets Award is a new funding opportunity for local governments. The legislature provided funding in 2015 and the first awards were given in January of 2017. Awards ranged between $250,000 and $500,000. The next awards are tenatively scheduled for an open call in 2018 and awards in 2019.

TIB has developed this new funding source to be different from its other grant programs. The Complete Streets Award is flexible money given to any city or county in Washington state who has an adopted complete streets ordinance and shows an ethic of planning and building streets that use context sensitive solutions to accommodate all users, including pedestrians, transit users, cyclists, and motorists.

Download the Complete Streets Framework.

Download the list of Complete Streets Nominations - October 2016.

Complete Streets Webinar

On August 30, 2016, TIB hosted a webinar for local agencies and consultants covering the Complete Streets Award Program.  The webinar described the nomination process and eligibility with the content being similar to the information shared by staff in the June workshops.  A recording of the webinar can be viewed using the links below. (NOTE: The webinar begins at the 2:30 minute point of the recording.)

Stream the Complete Streets Webinar                     Download the Complete Streets Webinar

Download the Complete Streets Webinar PowerPoint Presentation.

Award Information

Who is Eligible?
Any city or county that has an adopted complete streets ordinance is eligible to be nominated. Agencies with a known complete streets ordinance are listed below.

How to be Considered for the Award
Eligible agencies may be nominated by any of the established nominating partners. Nominating partners include board approved state agencies and non-profit organizations that have an interest in transportation or complete streets. Current approved nominators include:

State Agency Partners Non-Profit Organizations

How to Nominate
Nominating agencies will fill out a simple 2-page form describing what motivates a nominator to nominate a city for an award. Nominators may describe activities or projects that indicate an ethic of building complete streets. Examples include: non-motorized master plans, current projects that accommodate non-motorized users, or future projects that retrofit streets and roads to include more users.

What Should Agencies Do?
Cities and counties should have an adopted complete streets policy and show an ethic of building for all users. Many agencies have been doing this without an official policy and these activities may be considered during nomination and evaluation by TIB staff. TIB encourages working with nominating organizations, especially during design and development of projects to ensure nomination.

Who is Awarded?
TIB staff will evaluate all nominations to determine who will receive awards. Unlike other TIB programs, there will not be set criteria established. TIB staff will evaluate based on policy quality, plan integration, community outreach and engagement, past project actions, and future project plans.

How Can Funds be Used?
Nominated agencies will submit a work program to TIB. Immediately after board approval of the city's or county's proposed work plan, TIB will disburse funds to the city or county. The city or county will hold the funds in a restricted account to be used only on activities in the approved work plan. TIB staff can approve work plan amendments administratively. Cities must expend funds within three years of payment or the funds will be recovered by TIB.

More Information on Complete Streets Award and Ordinances

For more information about this program please contact Chris Workman at

More information about complete streets policies can be found on the MRSC website as well as through Smart Growth America's website.