City of Port Angeles
8th Street
Lincoln St to A St
TIB Award Amount
Region: Northwest   |   Legislative District: 24   |   Length: 0.83 mi. FY 2024 Urban Arterial Program (UAP)

Existing Conditions

8th Street serves as a vital link for residential and commercial traffic between the east side of Port Angeles and the west side of Port Angeles as it provides the only bridge crossings over Valley Creek and Tumwater Creek. A bridge inspection performed in September of 2021 indicated that both bridges were in need of surface treatment to extend the service life and prevent premature failure of the bridges. A PCI rating of 37 for 8th Street from Lincoln Street to Cherry Street indicates immediate surface treatment be performed to avoid the cost of total road reconstruction. A survey of all existing ADA ramps along the project limits showed that all existing ramps would need to be replaced to meet current standards. Outside of the bridge decks which incorporated bike lanes during construction the corridor does not provide facilities for bike travel.

Project Funding

  TIB Funds Local Funds Total Costs
Design 23,069 6,931 30,000
Right of Way 0 0 0
Construction 1,441,296 433,069 1,874,365
Project Totals $1,464,365 $440,000 $1,904,365

Local Match

TIB Participation Local Match Minimum Local Match
76.9% 23.1% 15%

Description of Improvements

Apply an epoxy sealer followed by an thin polymer overlay to provide surface treatment for the existing bridge deck. A full width 2-inch mill and fill of HMA will correct surface conditions of the existing roadway. Sidewalk ramps all existing ramps must be removed, redesigned and replaced. This work would also include the replacement of ramps at the signalized intersections at Cherry Street and Pine Street. Existing push buttons would be relocated and a new APS system installed. By eliminating street parking and center turning lanes at various location the City will incorporate bike lanes on both sides of 8th Street allowing for extension of existing bike lane facilities.