Transaction Processing

What is being measured?

Percentage of correspondence processed on time over the last 3 months.

Current Metric Value :  0.0%

Why are we measuring this?

TIB has a commitment to providing excellent service to our customers and one way this is accomplished is by processing any project correspondence in a timely manner. Customers have project deadlines that must be met and they depend on TIB to act quickly on project actions, such as approval to award, so they can meet their own schedule.

Target Levels

TIB customers have strict timelines that must be met for all project phases. Efficient processing of forms by TIB ensures that TIB is not delaying a customer's project schedule. Project correspondence is processed according to the following targets: Funding Status – 30 days; Construction Approval – 10 days; Bid Award – 7 days; Contract Completion – 30 days.

Historical KPI Performance

Transaction Processing metric tracked over the previous 24 months. The metric value for each month reflects the percentage of project related correspondence that was processed on time during the three previous calendar months.