Payment Cycle

What is being measured?

Percentage of grant payments processed on time over the last 3 months.

Current Metric Value :  89.2%

Why are we measuring this?

It is good customer service to provide reimbursements to customers in a timely manner. Grant payments to small cities should be processed within 2 weeks, and grant payments to urban agencies should be processed within 30 days. When these targets are not being met, it can cause a financial hardship to the customer.

Target Levels

Small cities need to be reimbursed quickly because they are unable to float their engineering and construction bills. Urban agencies usually have enough financial capacity to pay their project bills before receiving their reimbursement from TIB.

Historical KPI Performance

Payment Cycle metric tracked over the previous 24 months. The metric value for each month reflects the percentage of grant payments that were processed on time during the three previous calendar months.