Delayed Projects

What is being measured?

Percentage of current commitment that is in delayed status.

Current Metric Value :  4.4%

Why are we measuring this?

All TIB projects have a time based fund demand projection. These projections are used to determine the size of future funding programs as well as payment ability. If too many projects become delayed it becomes difficult to determine future fund demand and can result in TIB over programming or under programming project call sizes. This can also lead to grant payments not being made in a timely manner due to the lack of cash balances.

Target Levels

TIB has developed timelines that projects must meet in order to remain on schedule. This ensures the best use of TIB funds. Projects are considered to be in delayed status when: UCP projects do not reach construction phase within 66 months; UAP projects do not reach construction phase within 54 months; All other programs must reach construction phase within 30 months.

Historical KPI Performance

Delayed Projects metric tracked over the previous 24 months. The metric value reflects the percentage of current TIB commitment that is in delayed status on the first business day of each month.