TIB Commitment Level

What is being measured?

The sum of TIB's remaining grant commitments.

Current Metric Value :  $371,366,518

Why are we measuring this?

The remaining TIB commitment level represents money that will be paid out over the next 3-5 years. Too much commitment means that grant payments will be too high for our revenue. Too little commitment means that grant payments will be too low and dollars will sit in the bank too long, not being utilized for building projects.

Target Levels

The target levels are based on average life cycles of TIB projects. The remaining commitment should be within approximately 3-5 years worth of revenue budgeted for grant payments. It is expected that the commitment level will fluctuate within a grant cycle. The total commitment level will decrease as payments are made and will increase as new grants are awarded with each new call for projects.

Historical KPI Performance

TIB Commitment Level metric tracked over the previous 24 months. The metric reflects the total remaining TIB commitment on the first business day of each month.